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Funding for EU Students guaranteed for courses starting next year

EU students who begin courses in England in 2017 will have the same funding and have their fees capped at £9,250, the government has pledged

The government has guaranteed that EU students who start courses at English universities in 2017-18 will be eligible for funding throughout their course. This move means that EU 2017-18 entrants will have their fees capped at £9,250, the same maximum level as domestic students.

Announcing the pledge today, the Department for Education stated that “their eligibility will continue throughout their course, even if the UK exits the European Union during that period.” they added that the plans should “help give universities and colleges certainty over future funding, while assuring prospective students applying to study at one of the UK’s world leading universities that they will not have the terms of their funding changed if the UK leaves the EU during their studies.”

Looking at longer-term arrangements, the Department for Education added, “The migration status of EU nationals in the UK is being discussed as part of wider discussions with the EU as the government works on reaching an agreement protecting the status of EU nationals here and our citizens in Europe.”

Jo Johnson, universities and science minister, commented, “International students make an important contribution to our world-class universities, and we want that to continue. This latest assurance that students applying to study next year will not only be eligible to apply for student funding under current terms, but will have their eligibility maintained throughout the duration of their course, will provide important stability for both universities and students.”

A spokesperson for Oxford University commented, “Clear and supportive Government guidance for prospective applicants from outside of the United Kingdom will be absolutely pivotal to Oxford’s success as a pre-eminent global institution in the years ahead.

“Today’s Government announcement gives assurance in relation to student loans and grants for European Union students who commence study at Oxford in 2017-18. The University has already guaranteed that EU entrants in 2017-18 will pay UK tuition fees for the full duration of their courses.

“We encourage the best and brightest from across the EU to apply to Oxford, and therefore welcome the Government’s announcement.”

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