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Christ Church hall catches fire

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service were called this morning to Christ Church hall, after a hot plate used to serve food caught fire.

It is not known how serious the blaze was, but four fire engines were called to attend, and smoke could be seen issuing from the windows to Tom Quad.

According to the Christ Church custodian, the fire was put out shortly before 2pm after burning for roughly an hour.

One member of hall staff told Cherwell, “we didn’t see any fire but there was a lot of black smoke”.

Ali Hussain, Christ Church JCR President, said, “it’s a shame that our beloved and historic hall is on fire. I hope no one was hurt.”

Felix Westerén, a second year PPEist who was in the area at the time, said, “I’d just left the stairs coming out of hall when the fire alarm started. Hopefully there will be dinner tonight, but it doesn’t look like it.”

In an email to students at the college, Pauline Linieres-Hartley, the Steward of Christ Church, stated: “A quick update that it has now been confirmed that the small fire in Hall was caused by an electrical fault in a hot cupboard. Thanks to the quick reaction of staff, in particular, Neil Jackson, the Hall was quickly evacuated, the fire brigade called, the fire alarm sounded and the fire contained. There will be some smoke damage but no-one was hurt and no other damage to anything apart from the hot cupboard. Our thanks to Neil and the Hall team for their quick response.”

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