Bored of the reruns of It’s a Wonderful Life and know all the lines from Elf off by heart? Take inspiration for an alternate Christmas day from these less traditionally festive Christmas films.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – U

Perhaps it’s the ugly jumpers, perhaps it’s the scene with Ron and Harry playing chess which reminds us of Christmas games with the family, or perhaps it’s the image of Hagrid dragging a Christmas tree around a snowy Hogwarts which is cemented in the psyche of all young adults come Christmas time. The first Harry Potter outing is definitely a discerning choice for opening the presents under the tree.

Paddington – PG

Featuring a Christmas tree in the last scene, Paddington is a wonderful film regarding events throughout 2016.  It perfectly encapsulates fears of immigration, the breaking up of family due to tensions between parents and children, and shows the danger of wanting power, all through a cuddly bear having adventures in London. Perfectly suited for the midmorning Christmas Crossword when you’re reflecting on the year’s events.

Iron Man 3 – 12

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the horrifically awful cracker jokes and disappointing ‘banter’ from your younger brother. Similarly, Iron Man 3 is included on this list as a film (again set at Christmas time), which was once good but now is happily forgotten amongst the much better Marvel films. Perfect to watch whilst cooking your Christmas dinner, i.e. when you are half distracted from the plot holes.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 15

Shane Black’s murder mystery is set at Christmas in Los Angeles. This cult classic, loved a lot by a few, is your Christmas afternoon traditional game of charades, where your indie cousins who inevitably love it force it upon the younger generations. This quirky noir film is a must watch for those who have not seen it, with the added bonus that you can call it an education in film, making you that annoying hipster once everyone’s returned from the Christmas vac.

Die Hard – 18

Christmas Eve. Alan Rickman. Violence. Guns. Sassy Dialogue. The only film to watch once the younger siblings go to bed. Make it even more interesting by introducing a fun drinking game, a sip of prosecco for every bullet fired and a small Christmas port every time the camera focuses on Bruce Willis’ disgusting feet.

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