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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Holidays: Cherwell Visuals competition

Whether you spent the vac away or at home, send your holiday art to [email protected] for a chance to see it in print

The first break of the academic year, the winter vac is not only the opportunity to rediscover the comfort of life at home after eight weeks of essay pressure and pesto panini. As you sit back for the first time in a while, you might also remember where you left your camera before leaving for Oxford, or give in to the temptation of a shiny new box of pencils you got for Christmas.

Whether pinteresque or picturesque like Jessica Voicu’s views of the Lake District, the homecoming brings together familiar images and new influences. The start of a new year tops off this dialogue between the old and the new, the common and the unknown. Meanwhile, these few weeks are enough to get on a flight to somewhere warmer than Oxford, or attempt to shred this year’s rather dry slopes.

During this time, your eyes are working as hard as they do during term, and we’d all like to bring our sofas, cats, family—and even the Alps back to Oxford with us. So what if, when you opened the first Cherwell of Hilary, you found your own sketch of the holiday coast or your close-up photo of the Christmas tree in the paper?

To participate, send your vac art to [email protected] by Tuesday of 0th week.


What if I’d rather stick to my pen and notepad?

If you’re interested in art but find your abilities limited to stickmen, you can still send your exhibition reviews, reflexions or interview requests to the Visuals team. We’ll be happy to read your pitches!

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