A jangling guitar, a stampy beat and then a throaty voice emerges: Mumford and Sons are back. But wait—it turns out this is Ed Sheeran’s latest release, ‘Castle on the Hill’, which sounds half-way between the aforementioned folk band and Springsteen.

With ridiculous amounts of online hype and publicity, the single became this week’s most exciting news in the music world. Ed himself announced that new music is nigh earlier this week, plunging millions of Sheerios (Sheeran-approved nickname) worldwide into mass hysteria.

Strong rumours of Ed headlining Glastonbury this year simply add fuel to the fire burning in the hearts of many a fan who have had to wait nearly two years for new music from the redheaded heartthrob. Well, buckle in kids, your prayers have finally been answered.

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Just like Kanye, Ed is a guy who loves to court controversy—he admits to driving at 90 on the Suffolk roads. That’s illegal Ed. Those “country lanes” will be national speed limit—that’s only 60 on a single carriageway. Let’s hope he was talking in metric, not imperial, terms. Anyway, the song’s bland but will be huge regardless.