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Spotlight: Basic Space

Natalia Bus delights in the Oxford duo's relaxing sound

Basic Space are an Oxford-based duo creating music perfect for lazy Sunday mornings or ruminative late night walks. Daniel Keane’s soft vocals fuse with Benjamin Lock’s gentle piano for a quiet yet memorable rendering of jazz fusion and electronica.

‘Driving Nowhere’ sees a set of punctuated piano chords accompany Keane’s rich tones until a low beat propels the track to a relaxing fade.

Their latest release, ‘Airports’, starts off as a more acoustic venture, slowly building to a layering of sounds complete with a subtle flugelhorn section in the background. As Keane begins “You dropped me at terminal five / It was all pain in my eyes”, the subtle bass sets the scene of painful farewell.

Basic Space have so far only four releases under their belt (all of which can be found on their Soundcloud page), including a witsful cover of the 1937 Richard Rodgers and Lorenzo Hart musical hit, ‘My Funny Valentine’. But coming off an impressive performance at Gin & Phonics last term, the genre-spanning duo appear all set for a bright future.

If Keane’s warm, subdued tones don’t leave you wanting more, I don’t know what will.

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