Students have been accidentally paying Hussein through the Cashew payments app for post-club kebabs bought from Hassan, it has emerged.

Earlier this week, Hassan discovered that his intoxicated clientele had been misspelling, or simply mistaking, his name for that of rival kebab van owner Hussein.

He told Cherwell that he didn’t know how much money he had lost but that, “mistakes happen,” and despite the loss of income he bore no ill will.

Hassan has been trading from his van—ranked 68th out of 460 Oxford restaurants on Trip Advisor—on Broad Street since 1995, before which he worked in a French bakery.

In a 2016 interview with Cherwell he revealed: “My favourite item on the menu? Well, I love my chicken wrap, with cheese and chips, chilli sauce and garlic mayonnaise… just a little bit of chicken and just a little bit of chips and I’m done for the whole night.

“The most ordered item has got to be chips and cheese, and then chips and cheese and meat – chicken or lamb.”

Cashew is an app based payment system created last year by Oxford students. Hassan’s, Hussein’s and Ahmed’s kebab vans, as well as several other cafes, restaurants and venues, now all accept payments made through it.

Hassan’s name on Cashew has now been changed to ‘Hass Kebabs’. He requests that students use it.