Former Ukip party leadership contender and MEP Steven Woolfe was spotted in Oxford’s Bridge nightclub on Thursday night.

After arguing for the proposition ‘This House Believes Liberalism has Become Elitist’ at the Oxford Union, Woolfe and journalist Dan Hodges were recommended that they carry on the night at Bridge.

Arthur Wotton, a first-year student at New College, said: “He was there in black tie after the union debate and I saw him on the dance floor – it seemed like he was lost and was looking for whoever he came with.”

He added that Woolfe “actually seemed fairly pleasant”.

One student who attended Bridge that night told Cherwell he wasn’t aware how long Woolfe stayed but “[the] last time I saw him was at 1 when he was getting a drink from the bar with Dan Hodges.

“He seemed to be laughing though so presumably had a fun time.”

Woolfe became a Ukip MEP in 2014, following a career as a barrister and stints as the party’s migration and economics spokesman.

In 2016 he announced his bid to replace Nigel Farage as Ukip leader, but was however disqualified from running as he had allowed his party membership to lapse for over a year.

In October, he made headlines after being hospitalised after a row with fellow Ukip MEP Mike Hookem. Woolfe claimed that Hookem punched him, an accusation that Hookem denies. Following the incident Woolfe quit Ukip, characterising it as “ungovernable”. 

Dan Hodges is a Blairite blogger and journalist who writes a weekly column for the Mail on Sunday.

Bridge was hosting the launch party for Pembroke’s ‘Studio 54’ themed ball. Woolfe and Hodge’s respective positions on the mid 70s American disco scene are currently unclear.

Steven Woolfe has been contacted for comment.