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Spotlight: The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs are a band of sumptuous harmonies and odd thrills, says Natalia Bus

A mixture of The Beatles’ charm and The Beach Boys’ harmonies, The Lemon Twigs are refreshingly current considering their music channels mainly 60s baroque rock.

The frontmen of the band are the D’Addario brothers, who appear as strange as they are wonderful. Their recently released debut, Do Hollywood, is impressive to say the least.

‘Haroomata’ is a highlight—dominated by vintage synths, the track fluctuates between Michael D’Addario’s tender, stripped-back delivery and Broadway-esque instrumentals.

The long-play overflows with classic influences, from the melodramatic guitars of Queen, to hints of early Beatles in the much quieter, punctuated piano and undulating vocals of ‘How Lucky Am I?’.

The Lemon Twigs manage to fit 60 years of musical genius into a 43-minute album and present it almost as a demo recorded in someone’s front room.

Their sound is a dose of authenticity in a world where authenticity is increasingly hard to come by and their sophisticated musical arrangements will have you shell-shocked these kids haven’t even reached their 20s.

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