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The Winning Shots

Results of the portrait photography competition are in! Was your photo selected? Check out our best submissions here

“The local trains in Mumbai are hectic, sweaty, and dangerous. This woman, with the city scape racing beside her, sits with tranquility, etched into her disposition like the lines on her face.”

Ava Scott

“I’ve been taking family portraits during meals and Christmas time. This is what Italian meals look like.”

Eleonora Narbone


“This is a film photograph trying to capture pre-finals fun times at the Rickety Press.”

Pauline Chatelan

“Maria Teresa Maurichi, an Italian lady, is portraited in her old home together with her beloved little dog. All our objects and belongings are the mirrors of our character and personality. This picture is part of a bigger project of analogic black and white photographs where people are portraited in the enviroment and surrounded by the things that represent them in order to show their most intimate and private aspects.”

Michelangelo Cao

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