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Spotlight: Yellow Days

Natalia Bus takes a look at new music

Yellow Days is 17-year-old George van den Broek making romantic daydreams into wistful songs. With a raw, crackly croon and a sophisticated, surprisingly wise outlook on life, this cool, laid-back talent is brimming with potential.

Supple, wonky synth lines couple with bluesy guitars on ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’, a highlight on his recently released Harmless Melodies EP. The track conveys the simplest and most poignant wish of a young lover, as van den Broek confesses “I always thought it would be your hand/ holding mine”. The slightly delayed beat running throughout the track endows it with both a sense of hope and uncertainty, working to bolster Broek’s lyrical delivery.

‘Gap in the Clouds’ is a warmly sentimental and highly relatable rendition of life as a youth just looking for love and a place in the world.

A wobbly electric guitar and a lazy percussive beat works perfectly with Broek’s seemingly bleak, and yet liberating message on ‘People’, as he asserts “We are all/ Just people running round/ And don’t let it now/ Don’t let it get you down”.

Wise words indeed. Life is random, embrace it.

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