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Spotlight: Emily the Snake

Emily the Snake are a funky outfit full of potential, says Will Cowie

We’ve all been a snake at some point in our lives, or at the least a slow-worm, but few can claim themselves to be a snakey band. Emily the Snake aim to set the record straight, and do so in joyous fashion.

As snakes go, they definitely fall under the rental snake category—in those moments when you’re having a party and you think, I just need a snake, they’re the ones to call.

Formed last year and rising quickly to slots at WadFest and the Bully, Emily the Snake may well be on their way up. The band injects passion into their soul/funk/Abba fusion, and it is intriguing to see what new material will be like when it comes our way. In terms of musicality alone, these guys are one to watch.

Unfortunately, however, Rowan Ferguson (on keys), is a deputy editor of an unnamed rival publication (you can guess which one), and so for any praise we give them we have to make a formal statement that this does not reflect the opinion of our publication.

In the wise words of Super Hans, however, “red next to yella’, cuddly fella”, and as luck would have it, this snake is one to become friendly with.

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