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Spotlight: DFO

Will Cowie on those three magic letters

If you begin something musical with the letters ‘D’ and ‘F’, you’re onto a winner instantaneously.

Consider the following— DFA, renowned record company which brought us LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip; DFTBA, renowned record company that brought us legendary Doctor Who fan band (a.k.a Time Lord Rock, or Trock) Chameleon Circuit, and of course, DFO.

Okay, you’ve definitely seen them at that night in Cellar, or that college ball, but let’s just take a minute to salute one of Oxford’s finest live ensembles. Dot’s Funk Odyssey are continually a delight to behold live—their effortless assault on your self-consciousness to the point where everyone is up and dancing is remarkable. The 14-piece band deliver hit after hit without ever losing a sense of authenticity as they make the songs their own.

And really, each member of the band is a BNOC of their own – imagine being able to go to every college ball, every garden party—they really are ‘Mr Steal Your Gurl’.

These are the heroes Oxford needs, but doesn’t deserve. DFO, please never stop.

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