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Boris Johnson heckled upon return to Balliol

Balliol alum and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson today visted Balliol College, and was accosted by leftist students who heckled him and unfurled a banner in his path.

Johnson was visiting his almer mater for a “private party”, according to a college source, and students said that he spent some time in the college library.

As can be seen in a video posted on Twitter, students unfurled a banner which read ‘Racist Boris, what dead animals have you fucked?’ and shouted abuse at him.

The heckles included “hands off our free school meals”, “get back to the Bullingdon club” and “do you want to burn £50 in front of a homeless person?”.

Photo: Daily Mail

Boris quickly climbed inside his ministerial Jaguar, parked on Broad Street, and sped away.

Balliol College revealed that although Boris was attending a private party as an alumnus, no other alumni were in attendence. They declined to comment on the full purpose of his visit.

Johnson infamously featured in a Bullingdon Club photo on the steps of Canterbury Quad in Christ Church, during his time at Oxford as an undergraduate, where he read Classics.

The full video is below:


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