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Monday, June 27, 2022

Labour hold Oxford East as Lib Dems take Oxford West from Conservatives

High student turnout credited for increased Labour vote share in Oxford East, whilst Lib Dems overturn 9,000 Tory majority in Oxford West

Jack Hunter
Jack Hunterhttps://jackrhunter.com/
Jack Hunter was the editor of Cherwell in MT17. Follow him: @_jackhunter or email [email protected]

An enlarged turnout amongst students is being thanked for an increased vote for Labour in Oxford East, as Anneliese Dodds was elected the new Labour MP in yesterday’s general election

Anneliese Dodds won the Oxford East consituency, which contains the majority of Oxford colleges, with 35,118 votes – representing an increase of 15 points to 65 per cent of the vote share. She increased 30-year MP Andrew Smith’s majority by around 8,000 votes.

In Oxford West and Abingdon, which contains a minority of Oxford colleges including St Hugh’s and St Anne’s, the Liberal Democrat candidate Layla Moran snatched the seat from Tory MP Nicola Blackwood, with 26,256 votes to Blackwood’s 25,440.

The National Union of Students have said Oxford East was one of a number in which the Labour vote share had benefitted from an increased youth turnout. In Oxford East, turnout increased by 4.6 per cent, as the Labour vote share increased by by 15 points. Long queues were reported in many constituencies.

Speaking to Cherwell last night, Anneliese Dodds spoke of her encouragement as the results came in. “Here in Oxford it has felt very very encouraging, they have been very supportive of Labour,” she said.

The results in Oxford matched Cherwell‘s recent poll of students which suggested that almost half of students at the university were planning to vote Labour in the general election.

Full results below.

Oxford East

Anneliese Dodds – Labour – 35118

Suzanne Barlington – Conservative – 11834

Kirsten Johnson – Liberal Democrat – 4904

Larry Sanders – Green – 1785

Chaka Artwell – Independent – 255

Oxford West and Abingdon

Layla Moran – Liberal Democrat – 26256

Nicola Blackwood – Conservative – 25440

Marie Tibdall – Labour – 7573

Alan Harris – UKIP – 751

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