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WATCH: Hugh Grant drinks from a shoe in New College bar

New College alumnus and Love Actually actor Hugh Grant visited New College last Wednesday, and was seen attending formal before going to the College bar and drinking with students.

During his visit to his alma mater, Grant spoke about press ethics at a drinks reception before going to formal. Grant later was seen in the College bar with many students after formal, where he joined the New College Rugby Club for drinks.

Videos of Grant have emerged on various social media, where he can be seen taking part in Oxford drinking traditions including drinking from a shoe while wearing his NCRFC tie.

The New College JCR president placed an embargo on students speaking to the press about the visit, however Cherwell has spoken to a number of those present.

One student, Dom Hopkins-Powell, changed his Facebook profile picture to a video posted a video him racing Hugh Grant to finish a VK.

Another New College student, who was in the bar at the time, told Cherwell: “It was pretty fucking incredible.

“I found myself doing everything I resent in that kind of drinking culture: downing pints, being rowdy and watching Hugh Grant spill ale from his £200 loafers down his neck whilst doing a shoe.”

He added: “He was actually a pretty decent bloke—very well eloquent, very well mannered and witty, and looked people in the eye when he spoke with them, actually engaging with them.

“He bought everyone a pint in the bar—which obviously went down well.”

He also revealed what the actor thought of him: “He told me I looked like a ‘Piers Gav man’, which I can’t work out if he means I look like a seshlord or a drag queen.”

As can be seen in a Twitter video, Grant drank from a shoe while students chanted “I’ve never seen Hugh Grant do a shoe”.

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