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New gin restaurant set to open in Oxford

A kiosk serving gin made from a distillery next door is due to be built in east Oxford.

This week, Oxford City councillors approved plans for a new restaurant and garden area to be built next door to a recently-opened distillery, The Oxford Artisan Distillery. The distillery is located the outer edge of South Park near the Oxford Brookes campus.

People will be able to take a shuttle bus to the distillery from the centre of town, and will have the chance to tour the distillery before visiting the kiosk. Plans have also been approved to build a visitor centre for the distillery, which is based in a Grade II listed barn.

The plans had initially been withdrawn, following councillors’ concerns regarding the loss of public space in South Park, and worries regarding the proximity to Cheney school.

At the meeting this week, councillors agreed that the garden area should be open to both customers and other park users.

Concerns about the closeness of the school stemmed from fears of promoting anti-social behaviour. Councillor Colin Cook said: “I don’t think gin is an entry level drink for Oxford’s teenagers and any fears over children at nearby schools drinking there are over the top.”

Several students are also in favour of the new opening, although some are sceptical about the location. One student and gin-lover told Cherwell: “I think it’ll be a really nice social spot for students and locals alike, especially in summer, and it’s great that they’re bringing a listed building back into use.

“I would definitely frequent it on a sunny day (probably a bit too often!) and I’m sure it’ll be very popular.”

The kiosk will be open until 10.30pm each night serving gin along with other drinks.

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