Juliet Flamank

Third Year, PPE


From the moment that Jack arrived at the Turf, umbrella in hand (I was drenched from the rain), I knew that this was someone who had their shit together. When he revealed that he’d spent his summer in Panama volunteering at a legal access centre, I thought that was just unfair – some of us have to do banking internships, you know! Despite my initial feeling of inferiority, Jack did reveal one fault – despite living in Worcestershire (promising) he wasn’t in fact a farmer (disappointing). Luckily the evening was a good one – we bonded over sibling rivalries and sports, and managed to avoid the awkward silences which make a date feel more like a tute. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I had a better time on the date than I did trying to sum it up in this column.

What was your first impression?

The umbrella


Really lovely

Any awkward moments?

Chat about the location of bathrooms in restuarants.

Jack Beadsworth

Third Year, Law

Corpus Christi 

Prior to arriving at Turf, I had low expectations about the evening ahead. I mean, who in their right mind goes on a blind date organised by Cherwell? Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised when greeted by Juliet: tall, friendly, and dolled up – though sadly this wasn’t for me but for a 21st she was heading to afterwards. As opposed to the stereotypical blind date, there were no awkward silences and the conversation flowed right from the start – even getting the bartender and other customers involved in a lively conversation about girls using the universal male fear of periods to manipulate them to their advantage. The sparkling conversation then ranged from troublesome underage siblings losing our IDs to our shared desire to help the vulnerable (always a turn on): it was a lovely evening.

What was your first impression?

Too smart for a Love Oxland date


Fearless and fun

Any awkward moments?

I thought for a moment she was a ruthless venture capitalist