Lucy Zhu

Third Year, PPE


Having already met Martha, I knew this date was going to be great. The time flew by and I can’t really remember what we even talked about, because I was having such a lovely time. I will say that I did not handle the restaurant not knowing we had been booked in very well and I definitely got vibes that she was not impressed by my blind panic at being in a vaguely adult situation. It was another lovely date, and the walk back into town was a very sweet (if cold) end to the evening, even if she wasn’t impressed by my college library, which did cause some tension. The weirdest part of the whole thing did not occur during the date, but later in the Park End queue where her friends tried to take a picture of me to send to Martha. Queuing for Park End is already horrifying enough…

What was your first impression? Better equipped for cold than me

Any awkward moments? The waiters staring at us

Third date? We’re going to the same screening of Moonlight, does that count?

Martha Raymer

First Year, History


To get our free tapas, we had to fully expose the fact that we were there on a date. I would be mad at Cherwell for making us suffer through the knowing looks given by the waiters, but we soon decided that free food meant we were obliged to order the most expensive things on the menu. Thanks Cherwell. My date with Lucy, however, was thoroughly lovely – aside from Lucy’s bike not surviving the night. I’m also glad my aesthetic “Jane Austen vibe” is finally being appreciated. I only began to experience Lucy’s self-confessed murder-y vibes the moment I didn’t provide a shining review of Lincoln College library: it just can’t compete with Worcester’s lake! However, I’m keeping her abandonment of any morals unpublished: what happens at Kazbar stays at Kazbar.

What was your first impression? Outrageously beautiful bicycle

Any awkward moments? Maybe the waiters

Third date? Will there be free food?

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