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Blind Date: “I would like to be the female Louis Theroux”

Shoma Dhar and Barney Pite navigate the tricky territory of San Pellegrino flavours

Barney Pite, First Year, Classics, University

I arrived at the Turf Tavern a fashionable 6 minutes late, experiencing an intoxicating cocktail of nerves and brash determination. The first awkward moment was when I, for some reason unknown even to me, went for the handshake (who does that?). As it turned out, this was faux and we settled for a hug.

The opening stages passed without notable event. Her chat was pretty good (this is the front on which I might have let myself down to be honest), and we bonded over Kanye knowledge and juice avours. Tensions arose when she called my San Pellegrino of choice basic (blood orange by the way – full bodied, but simultaneously tangy and sweet). For some indiscernible reason she preferred pomegranate.

I left the date under the slight impression that she might be a little out of my league.

What was your first impression?

Good on hip hop and nail polish.

Quality of the chat?

High. Outward going.

Most awkward moment?

When I called her phone case basic. Makes up for the San Pell comment.

Kiss or miss?

Would need a second date to know.

Shoma Dhar, Second Year, English, LMH

When Barney arrived I was taken aback by his decision to go for a handshake. I take a strong dislike to the handshake motion – it is simultaneously intimate and non-intimate, something too confusing for my mind to comprehend. However, after explaining this, we hugged and ordered our drinks.

The conversation flowed very easily, even when I’d throw out remarks like “I would like to be the female Louis Theroux” and I appreciated his lack of judgement. We dove into the things that really mattered: Coke or Pepsi? Despite being a Pepsi fanatic myself, I wouldn’t say Coke is the worst beverage choice he made. I may have called his choice of San Pelli (Blood Orange) quite basic, which I apologise for, as that was quite rude. I respect everyone’s choice of drink to quench one’s thirst.

What was your first impression?

Friendly and easy to talk to.

Quality of the chat?

Had many a great convo.

Most awkward moment?

When he told me he hadn’t seen many Heath Ledger movies.

Kiss or miss?

Maybe a kiss on the cheek (with tongue).


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