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Blind Date: “His T-shirt was just baked beans”

Despite the height difference, Henry Williams and Sophie Gibson see eye to eye

Henry Williams, Second Year, Engineering, Mansfield 

After arriving two minutes early, Sophie came in looking confused. She then walked out, so I went up and bluntly asked “are you here for blind date?”. Her response was unexpected but not unwelcome as she greeted me with a very polite and cordial handshake. I was a little bit disappointed that she didn’t call me out for wearing a beans t-shirt (see picture). She’s a lawyer and – plot twist – we talked a lot about law. What was even more shocking was that despite me being the rower, she was the one to talk endlessly about rowing! I was slightly saddened that we didn’t get food – I was hungry the entire time. Also, I couldn’t hear most of what she was saying because of the height difference. But overall, I had a great night chatting as we bonded over our mutual love of dogs.

First impressions? 

She looked mildly confused.

Quality of the chat? 

I think I’m now a qualified lawyer.

Most awkward moment? 

My rumbling stomach.

Kiss or miss? 



Sophie Gibson, Second Year, Law, University College 

Baked beans. That was my first proper impression of Henry. We sat down in a cosy corner of a rather empty Kings’ Arms pub (unsurprising for 5pm on a Wednesday) and took our coats off. His t-shirt was just… baked beans. Along with his phone lock screen. The chat was good, at least from my perspective – we had enough conversation for two hours, so that’s a good sign. We bonded over our love of dogs and hatred of student kitchen antics, such as toastie makers which short circuit the whole kitchen, and scouts who complain that your bedroom is too messy to clean, or barge into your room in the early hours of the morning and wake you up (and maybe your night time companion). I don’t think there were any awkward moments and overall, I enjoyed myself.

First impressions? 

Baked beans…

Quality of the chat? 

Did he love dogs or baked beans more?

Most awkward moment? 

Just don’t have one!

Kiss or miss? 

Kiss (maybe on the cheek).

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