An Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) member has been excluded from his election slate, and has resigned from the Association, after posting inflammatory statements on Facebook.

The candidate said his co-runners on the slate would lead “a return to strong moral Christian leadership in an OUCA free of women, immigrants, homosexuals, transsexuals, left-pinkos, Protestants, cultural relativists, and of course the bloody Freemasons!”

The member described the rest of the slate members respectively as “the ethnic one”, “the Anglo-catholic one”, and “the female one”.

A further post explained how he intended to “rectify” OUCA whom he claimed “aren’t right-wing enough”, “aren’t arrogant enough”, “aren’t rich enough”, and “aren’t sexy enough”.

The student told Cherwell: “I would like to apologise unreservedly for my appalling comments and I take full responsibility for any offence caused. I am not misogynistic, homophobic, or bigoted. I merely intended to poke fun at OUCA and several members in it who are.

“However I understand that through my ghastly choice of words I have not only given the impression that I am but also upset many members of OUCA and the University.

“I have recently been suffering from poor mental health. Although this does not excuse what I said, I believe it did have a role in my poor decision.”

In a statement to Cherwell, President of OUCA Timothy Doyle said the individual’s “post was disgraceful. The sentiments he expressed have no place whatsoever in the

“He is no longer a Member of the Association, and I have banned him from attending any of our events in future.”

A spokeperson for Oxford SU told Cherwell: “Oxford SU is extremely disappointed by any reports of clubs or societies using offensive language. We believe that all students should feel welcomed and safe when a member of a society. Any behaviour that does not meet those standards is unacceptable.”

A representative for the slate told Cherwell in a statement: “Immediately we were made aware of the post, the rest of the slate disassociated themselves from the student and his comments, which we found to be disgusting and unrepresentative of the slate and OUCA overall.

“This post was neither authorised nor at all condoned by any other member on the slate, and we thoroughly condemn the content and values expressed in it.

“The post was in violation of OUCA electoral rules and a disciplinary complaint has been filed by a senior slate member. Our vision for OUCA bore no resemblance to what the post suggested, and was based around building a fun, professional and inclusive society to further the conservative cause.”