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Cambridge win 2018 Women’s Boat Race

The Cambridge crew entered the race as favourites and were dominant throughout the race.

Fred Dimbleby
Fred Dimbleby
Fred, a second-year Historian at Keble, was the paper's editor for Trinity Term 2018 alongside Matt Roller. He started out as Cherwell's comment editor last Hilary.

The Cambridge Women’s boat won the 2018 boat race with a dominant performance, winning by 20 seconds.

They entered the race as the favourite crew and were strong throughout, finishing with a time of 19m 10s. By the mile post, they were already one and a half lengths ahead.

This is first time they have won the race back to back since 1999 and follows a run of good for the Cambridge boat. Since their disastrous performance in 2016, the crew has strengthened and has now repeated their success in the 2017 boat race.

The Cambridge crew took a quick lead on an overcast but calm day and increased the gap to three lengths by the halfway point.

Despite putting in a strong effort, the Oxford crew were behind from the start and couldn’t make up any ground on Cambridge. Oxford’s lower stroke rate and lighter crew weight damaged their chances in the highly anticipated event.

Cambridge had won the toss and chose the Surrey side, which is often seen as the better side of the river. 62% of teams who have won the toss and chosen that side have gone on to win the race.

Cambridge Cox, Sophie Shapter, said: “We just knew we had to go out there and do a job.”

Oxford’s Women’s Boat Club President, Katherine Erickson, said: “I’m crying, but I’m actually really proud.”

The Cambridge Women’s reserve boat, Blondie, were also victorious against Oxford’s Osiris.


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