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Blind Date: “He put up with my chat for nearly two and a half hours.”

Ella Thomas and Tom Linden bond over a shared love of techno house

Ella Thomas, First Year, History of Art, Christ Church

The date was really fun. We went for drinks, then dinner and had a look around both our colleges with a brief photo shoot at the RadCam in between. He was initially very easy to spot outside the pub at 6’6”. It was raining for a lot of the evening but he had his self-professed ‘f*ck boy’ umbrella which saved the day (still not entirely sure how an umbrella has those kind of qualities, but the umbrella definitely came in handy). We talked about everything from biceps to Brexit (although I think he was initially a bit worried about my choice of college and avoided talking about politics until near the end of the date). I am not quite sure how my art history chat about Oxford architecture went down as he told me “not to talk just to fill the silences”, but he politely put up with my poor chat for nearly two and a half hours, so I’ll allow it.

First Impressions?

Funny, well-dressed and very tall.

Quality of the chat?

Good – a solid basis of meme knowledge.

Most awkward moment?

Finding out his favourite flavour of crisps were Ready Salted.

Kiss or miss?


Tom Linden, Second Year, Maths, Worcester

I had a fun time – she was very friendly and easy to talk to, even if our subjects clashed a bit. We bonded over our similar interest in music (my risky play of dropping house-techno in early payed off). It seemed like she took my humour quite well, which was a big tick. Having to chase a stranger into the RadCam to ask if they could take a photo of us and discussing the logistics of completing the raunchy Worcester challenges made up a couple of the more interesting moments of the night. I felt like she was a little bit disinterested at times; she brought up the fact that she had an essay to finish that eve. However, I think we got along quite well, even if we ended up discussing the colour of stone in Oxford to fill a break in the conversation. Riveting stuff. I’m sure she’ll find someone to bond over Art History with in the near future!

First impressions?

Fantastic choice of a gin and tonic first up, big respect.

Quality of the chat?

Very passable.

Most awkward moment?

When I brought up Schindler’s List. Yikes, what was I thinking.

Kiss or miss?

Near miss

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