St Hilda’s College JCR has passed a motion to appoint a transgender students’ officer.

The motion, which passed with 63 votes and 1 abstention, proposed that the JCR “introduce the Transgender Students officer as a JCR committee position,” which will be “reabsorbed into the responsibilities of the LGBTQ+ officer, if there is no one eligible who wishes to run for the role.”

Hilda’s will be the fifth college to introduce a transgender students officer, following Wadham, LMH, Magdalen, and St Hugh’s.

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St Hilda’s LGBTQ+ officer and proposer of the motion, Poppy Price, told Cherwell: “After consultation with various students, we agreed that the introduction of a trans students officer would help to improve the welfare of trans students in college as well as providing them with a voice on the committee, as valued members of our community.

“I am so glad that the motion passed almost unanimously, and I am proud of our JCR for being willing to take this progressive step. I hope that in the future we will see more colleges follow suit.”

St Hilda’s JCR president, Antara Jaidev, told Cherwell: “The decision to introduce a Trans Rep at Hilda’s was a logical next step for a college that has a rich history of inclusivity and progress.

“The position will cater to the needs of students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, or those who believe they should be represented by the Trans Students Officer.

“The St Hilda’s JCR will ensure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the welfare of every one of our members. I am personally brimming with pride to be part of a college that is so dedicated to equal representation.”