Wadham College has evicted three homeless people from their grounds, after concerns were raised over their alleged “unlawful and antisocial” behaviour.

The individuals had been occupying land owned by Wadham at the end of Savile Road since last month, using materials from the College to build shelters.

However, following reports of drug activity, college authorities made the decision to end their occupation.

Wadham warden, Ken MacDonald, said in an email to all students: “Wadham College recognises the serious problem of homelessness in Oxford, and we are very concerned with the plight of homeless people… However, we also have an obligation to respond when unlawful and antisocial activities take place on our land.

“This area in Savile Road is adjacent to a school entrance and it is a drop-off area for children, as well as an entrance for College staff and deliveries. Following reports of drug activity, including discarded hypodermic syringes and needles, and antisocial behaviour, we decided we had no choice other than to bring this unauthorised occupation to an end.”

Cherwell understands the matter was resolved amicably, with the individuals concerned leaving the site with their possessions by Monday 14th May.

Specialist contractors were later employed to clear the site of rubbish and drug paraphernalia, with fencing also being temporarily erected around the area in the interests of health and safety.