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Recipe Corner: Nawamin’s curry

MasterChef finalist shares his recipe for crab meat curry with Thai jasmine rice


For the chilli paste/oil:

10 dried red chillies
10 dried shrimps
8 cloves of garlic
6 shallots
3 tbs of palm sugar
1 tsp of sea salt flakes
3 tbs of vegetable oil

For the crab meat in curry sauce:

200g of white and brown crab meat
2 tbs of mild curry power
2 tbs of olive oil
2 cup of full fat milk
2 onions
1 green celery, including the leaves
3 stems of spring onions
3 green chillies
2 tbs of the chilli paste (above)
2 tbs of soy sauce

For the Thai Jasmine rice:
2 cups of Thai Jasmine Rice

For the garnishes:
2 spring onions
Green celery leaves

2 red chillies


Chilli paste/oil:

Start by soaking the dried chillies until they are soft and grill the garlic and shallots in the oven at grill mode 240 C for five to eight minutes until they are slightly burnt.

Also crush and grind the dried shrimps until they turn to coarse powder then remove them from the mortar.

Then mix the soaked chillies, grilled garlic and shallots in the food processor and add the dried shrimps.

Add the vegetable oil in the heated saucepan and stir fry the paste for five minutes before adding palm sugar. Keep stir-frying the paste for another ten minutes until it is caramelised. Finally, remove from heat and leave it to rest.


Crab meat in curry sauce:

Firstly, stir fry the curry powder with olive oil in a sauce pan until fragrant and keep adding milk to make the curry cream sauce. Add the chopped garlic, julienned onion, spring onion, green chillies, celery, and then the chilli paste and soy sauce.

Finally, throw in the crab meat and reduce the sauce to a low heat until serving

For the Thai rice:

Boil the rice on high heat until the water starts to run out and then continue to cook the rice on a low heat for another five minutes. Stir the rice and leave it in the pot covered with the lid.
For the garnishes:
Julienne the spring onions and the red chillies and then soak them in water together with the celery leaves. Serve the crab with the jasmine rice and top with extra curry sauce and garnished vegetables.

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