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Monday, June 27, 2022

Exeter JCR votes to adopt college chickens

The motion mandates the college to purchase chickens for Exeter House and to introduce a "chicken officer"

Exeter JCR has passed a motion to adopt college chickens.

The motion, entitled “Poultry Installation”, mandates the college to purchase chickens for Exeter House on Iffley Road and to introduce a “chicken officer”.

Noting that “chickens don’t charge for egg use” and that “chickens can greatly reduce stress,” the motion resolved that “hens are a low risk, high reward investment.”

The motion passed with 23 votes for, four against, and nine abstentions.

The proposer of the motion, Seb Talbot, told Cherwell: “We were discussing the lack of tortoise at Exeter during the day. So that evening, I evidently thought that we could one up all the other colleges and get chickens.

“I got my thinking hat on and went to a booth and got started on the motion, bottle in one hand, phone in the other. Then promptly blacked out.”

Exeter JCR Secretary, Celeste McGinley, told Cherwell: “The JCR is committed to providing a voice for students, and we are happy to see anyone getting involved in JCR meetings.

“The Poultry Installation proposal caused considerable eggcitement throughout college (and ruffled some feathers), resulting in more students than normal engaging in JCR politics last week.

“We cannot make any comment on behalf of the college, who ultimately have the decision making power on the accommodation of chickens, however we make sure to represent the views of our members across a range of issues.”

Exeter College has been contacted for comment.

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