St Catherine’s College JCR voted on Sunday night to introduce a committee expansion rep whose role would be to “ensure the committee continues to grow.”

The motion, proposed by George Carew-Jones and seconded by James Winder, passed with 38 votes in support. It included the hope for “ultimately every JCR ha[ving] a committee role” and to “rename the ‘JCR Committee’ the ‘JCR’, or rename the ‘JCR’ the ‘JCR Committee’, for matters of harmony.”

In the meeting, Carew-Jones said that JCR committee was big but “not big enough” and that there could even be a “deputy president between president and Vice President.”

Carew-Jones told Cherwell that “the Catz committee has become a lot bigger over the last year, and we thought that under the same rationale there was room for the committee to become even bigger.”

He continued: “It’s not that any of the current committee positions are futile. The motivation was more that we thought there comes a critical mass where so many people are on the committee that everyone may as well be on it.

“I think everyone at the meeting agreed that our vision of every JCR member eventually having some sort of position was inspiring and aspirational.

“The motion will thankfully be enshrined in the constitution, but sadly both of us are graduating from the JCR so someone else will have to take the responsibility on. At least we can graduate confident that our legacy has been assured.”

The JCR committee for 2017 to 2018 has 20 members.