St Hilda’s JCR has elected a Love Island Rep, charged with the responsibility of purchasing communal snacks for viewers in the college.

In a meeting on Sunday, a motion was proposed to create a ‘Love Island Fund’. It noted that Love Island was currently airing, that many JCR members had enjoyed screenings of the show, and that “the Love Island group chat is popping off”.

It also affirmed the JCR’s belief that “Love Island is the pinnacle of culture”, and that “we need more popcorn to lob at the screen when Adam is being a big oily snake”.

After a friendly amendment was made to reduce the funds given to the rep from approximately £500 to £100, the motion passed with an overwhelming majority.

The proposer of the motion, Poppy Price, told Cherwell: “The Love Island fans community at Hilda’s has expanded rapidly in recent days and I felt it was only right that this community be represented in JCR matters.”

In her hust, the college’s newly elected Love Island Rep, Antara Jaidev, told the JCR: “I believe I should be Love Island Rep because Love Island is the most important thing in my life right now.

“I think the biggest challenge for me will be the transition from my current role to Love Island rep. Although JCR President will also provide me with the skill set that I require for this new challenging position, I’m looking forward to moving onto bigger things.”