Broad Street kebab van Hassan’s has been named one of the best “drunk food” spots in the UK.

The Oxford favourite was ranked 13th on a list of 40 takeaway establishments located in highly student-populated areas.

The list, compiled by the website, rated eateries based on their opening hours, proximity to the university, and value for money.

The news marks the second time this year that Hassan’s has received national recognition as a leading late-night food establishment, after it was voted the second-best kebab van in the country at the British Kebab Awards in March.

Hassan’s came higher than competitors in London and Leeds. However, Oxford’s prized kebab van was beaten by its Cambridge counterpart, Trailer of Life, which was ranked 3rd in the list after scoring higher in the ‘value for money’ category.

The list was topped by a fast food restaurant in Liverpool.

In response to the list’s publication, Hassan told Cherwell that “the lamb or chicken kebab” were the most sobering options on the menu.