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How to manage your work

Whether it's problem sheets or essays, here are some top tips to remember when it starts to pile on

You’re not alone!

The main thing to note is that being stressed is completely normal and everyone will have tough points in their Oxford life. If you’re finding something difficult then someone else almost certainly is too.

Don’t let it get out of hand

Make sure you’re aware of how stressed you are and don’t let it get the best of you. If you have any worries about work, there are lots of people to whom you can speak in college or at the University, from Welfare Reps to Student Union Officers and Nightline. College Parents or subject peers can also help with content, notes, or if you need something explaining.


Remember that improvement is a gradual process. The work that you do in first year doesn’t usually counts towards your final grade, it’s more about building a base for you in your second and third year. Don’t stress if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere immediately.

Non-academic pursuits

Make sure that you are doing activities away from your degree. Not only do library breaks boost overall productivity, but doing an activity that you enjoy, whether this is sport, music or any other hobby, is important to take your mind off work.

Be realistic with your time

A caveat to this is making sure that you don’t take on too much. Your tutors will probably remind you that you are ultimately at Oxford to do your degree and that this should not be sidelined. If you are finding that you are not leaving enough time to do that work, then it might be necessary to drop one of your extra activities.

Plan ahead

Plan your work ahead so that you can find the balance between setting aside enough time for your degree, as well as taking time away from it. Putting your deadlines and commitments into an online or paper planner and then working backwards from deadlines, slotting in enough library time, is a good way to do this.

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