The Mixed Cuppers Hockey League has been forced to use last year’s leagues, following an organisational cock-up from the University Hockey Club.

In a message sent to the Mixed Hockey Cuppers group chat, a member of OUHC said, “Due to the guy who ran Cuppers last year being uncontactable and us not being able to access his account the leagues are the same as they started last year!”

Will Dry, the former secretary of OUHC, was responsible for the league tables, but has now rusticated to co-lead Our Future, Our Choice, a pro-European advocacy group for young people.

He told Cherwell: “As the chaos of Brexit becomes clear, including the hockey results inaccessibility crisis, people are of course entitled to a say on whatever Theresa May negotiates.” [Sic.]

The news has been met with frustration by the mixed hockey community. George Steijger, former captain of the Exeter College Hockey Team, told Cherwell:

“The club and players are very disappointed with the league organisers, as the hard work we put in over the course of the season has not been rewarded.

“Unfortunately, this mistake makes the college leagues less competitive. Hopefully this mistake isn’t repeated and we receive an apology.”

The president of OUHC declined to comment.