Over 1,000 people have signed up to participate in this year’s Veggie Pledge, with Braesnose taking an early lead in the college league.

The Veggie Pledge is an annual scheme organised by the Oxford Student Union aiming to encourage people to reduce their meat intake throughout the month of November.

Colleges are encouraged to promote Veggie Pledge through a league table. As of last Sunday, Braesnose College is currently in the lead with 119 students, 20% of the college, signed up.

Wadham is in second place, with 95 college members signed up. The college has also recently passed a motion to have an additional meat-free day provided by the catering department.

VP Charities and Community Officer, Rosanna Greenwood called the Pledge “the flagship campaign” for environmentalism.

Greenwood told Cherwell: “Now in its 3rd Year, Veggie Pledge is bigger than ever – smashing 1000 pledges!

“It’s the flagship campaign encouraging students to be more environmentally and sustainably conscious throughout the month of November.

“Everyone can be involved in Veggie Pledge in some way whether reducing meat intake, taking Tupperware to Gloucester Green Market or using less palm oil.

“Pledging is open until Wednesday 7th, so make sure you join the Facebook group and take part!”

Last year’s winner, St Hugh’s College, have passed a motion to only provide vegetarian food at JCR meetings throughout the month.

The motion noted the college’s “strong legacy of commitment to the November Veggie Pledge”, with 282 pledges made last year.

A number of eateries in Oxford are also offering discounted for those participating in the scheme this month, with Bill’s offering 20% discount on all vegetarian and vegan food and Crisis Cafe on George Street offering a 15% discount.