Oh we’re halfway there! One month in. One month to go. Our health is short of optimal thanks to appalling weather, piling up work, too much alcohol and too little sleep.

How to survive fifth week blues? Food is thy medicine.

For the committed health nut, a big icy fruit and veg smoothie is beautiful brain food – cool drinks in cool weather are the coolest. Any combination can work. The green ones are especially useful for curing a particularly bad hangover, or simply as a study break treat.

As much as a mug of hot chocolate or a brownie offer a hefty dose of sugar, properly nutritious foods are said to help with concentration, and to safeguard against flu – or rather contain it, because we seem to have flu all the time.

For the millennial with a deep pocket, and who has not turned vegan, poached eggs are ideal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs are a cheap, protein-packed choice. The warm, runny yolks deserve to be enjoyed with eyes closed. It’s all about the smooth, sticky, thick but still liquid texture — not easy to achieve and a test of a chef’s skills. But luckily Oxford’s cafes generally hit the mark. Cutting open poached eggs (preferably accompanied by a crisp piece of sourdough toast, of course) on a cold morning to see the yolks oozing out is such an aesthetic and sensual pleasure. Plus, the comfortably satisfied belly is always conducive to a good day.

For the less health conscious, there is the ultimate comfort food of chicken nuggets and chips. Regardless of the other sauces you choose, always get mayo as well. The hot, juicy chicken nuggets and the salty, crisp chips (they are meant to be eaten quickly, so open the takeout box and start eating immediately on your way back!) are just missing something without that essential mayo – just like your lunchtime sandwich. Caution: this item must be consumed in moderation. If overdone, you will feel quite horrible the next morning.

Enjoy food and enjoy life. My go-to foods in mid-term dizziness might just make this happen.

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