Thames Valley Police are investigating videos filmed by an Oxford student, which show men giving Nazi salutes during the protest last Friday against Steve Bannon’s Oxford Union event.

Oxford student Masha Alimandari, who filmed the salutes, believes that the men were part of a pro-Bannon group of protesters.  

In the video, the men are seen grinning, filming the anti-Bannon protesters, mock-shushing the crowd, and conferring with each other before one gave a salute. The same man also gesticulated towards his crotch.

The Oxford Mail reported that at least two men shouted in front of protesters, “Alerta, antifascista”.

A Thames Valley police spokeswoman told the Oxford Mail: “Officers will review the video to establish if any offences have occurred.”  


During a talk given by Bannon last week in Edinburgh, a man brandishing a “Nae Nazis” sign was arrested for “threatening and abusive behaviour.”