New English language test launched by Oxford University Press

The digitally-delivered test, designed for learners over 16, is the only English language test certified by the University.

Oxford University Press building on Great Clarendon Street

The new test, called the Oxford Test of English, uses adaptive technology to test reading and listening. Test items change based on the candidate’s ability. The test is on demand and available 24/7.

The test provides certification at levels B2, B2, and A2. It is expected to be able to be used by younger learners by 2020.

Other new features include a speaking component, delivered online, which contains a broader range of speaking situations than other tests on the market.

Oxford University Press (OUP)’s English Language Teaching division manager Peter Marshall told The PIE News: “In a world where many universities and employers demand evidence of an applicant’s English language proficiency, learners need a cost-effective, fast way to certify their skills.

This is why the Oxford Test of English provides test results in only two weeks, at a more affordable price than many traditional proficiency tests.”

Marshall added that the test is “modular”, meaning that candidates can re-sit specific modules if necessary, rather than the whole test.

He stated: “The result is a test that assesses candidates based on their actual ability, not their assumed ability.”

OUP reported that a pilot of the test was carried out in Spain over a two-year period and is now recognised by the majority of Spanish universities.

Test centres in 12 countries are now launching it.