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Bishop of Oxford joins call for action on climate change

Rt Revd Stephen Croft called for action to prevent "apocalyptic" damage.

The Bishop of Oxford, Rt Revd Stephen Croft, joined thousands in Westminster on Wednesday to demand action on climate change.

‘Time Is Now’ saw 12,000 people gather to put pressure on politicians to act on the need for unprecedented action to tackle climate change.

Organisers from the Climate Coalition and Greener UK reported that people from 99 per cent of the UK’s constituencies signed up for the march.

In his latest blog, the Rt Revd Croft called for action to prevent “apocalyptic” damage, saying: “The time is now to arrest the emission of greenhouse gases which are causing such lasting damage to the Earth.”

 “Life on Earth is about to change in apocalyptic ways during the remainder of this century if we continue to do next to nothing.”

“Setting the care for the earth again at the front and centre of our politics and our lives must be the priority if there is a fair and rich future for life on earth,” he added.

The Westminster protest comes after months of mounting demonstrations, including several in Oxford.

The demands are not going unnoticed: last month, the House of Commons approved a motion to declare an environmental emergency, while this week, the House of Lords debated a target to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

Despite these advancements, activists continue to call for an Environment Bill to clean up polluted air and tackle plastic pollution. Greener UK published a draft of the bill in December.

The Environmental Bill would also include legally binding targets and an independent watchdog to enforce environmental laws.

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