At midday last Friday, climate protesters dropped a banner from the top of the Carfax tower.

The banner drop, claimed to be a joint effort by Oxford UKSCN (UK Student Climate Network) and Extinction Rebellion Youth Oxfordshire. 

The banner promoted the September 20th ‘Global Strike’ called by UKSCN, who are encouraging students to strike and protest the lack of government action on climate change. 

UKSCN describes their mission statement as ‘radically reforming the role and power of young people in national action against climate change. To achieve this we will employ strong and repeated student-led protest to promote our diverse voices calling for a common aim’.

Activist EJ Fawcett, 17, said: “We wanted to get our message across in a way that would be noticed but would not cause any problems. We are tired of being ignored, the planet will become uninhabitable if we don’t take action but people tell us to sit down and accept it.”