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    “Better for Oxbridge students”: Oxbridge only grad employment scheme launches

    A start-up careers service claims to fast-track applications from Oxbridge students to internships in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

    Dreaming Spires, founded by a recent Oxford graduate, claims to “streamline the job and internship application process for Oxbridge students”, and to be “better for Oxbridge students”. The new service, launched this week, also claims that students from Oxford and Cambridge can upload their CVs and be invited directly to interview, cutting out the application process and the “noise” from applicants at other universities.

    The Dreaming Spires website states that “for many of us, we applied to Oxbridge for the love of our subject, but also because of the career boost. Dreaming Spires is now here to fast-track this.”

    Dreaming Spires has recruited Student Advisors across the Oxford colleges to advertise the “exclusive” service to undergraduates, branded as being “better for employers” on JCR pages. Allegations of elitism have been made online against the company.

    A recent study by the Sutton Trust, entitled “Elitist Britain 2019” found that of 5000 FTSE 350 executives, 39% had been privately educated, compared with 7% of the general population, and 31% of FTSE 100 CEOs have attended Oxbridge.

    In politics, of Johnson’s cabinet, 64% are privately educated and 45% attended Oxford or Cambridge.

    The team and list of firms involved has not yet been released.

    Dreaming Spires have been contacted for comment.

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