1. The Alternative Tuck Shop

The sandwich-press finish and unrivalled chat from our much-loved staff members means ATS’s offering is the true pinnacle of chickpea-based goodness – definitely worth the (fast-moving) queue.


2. Najar’s

Despite a slightly odd premises and long queues, Najar’s falafel is undoubtedly top-grade, authentic stuff.

3. Hassan’s

Tastes great after Bridge; admittedly not so great any other time. Points given for the sheer size of the thing and the unrivalled 3am atmosphere.


4. Taylors

Wonderful presentation and a real air of sophistication. However, too much crunchy veg (and therefore not enough hummus). 7/10

5. Kebab King

Used as a last resort after the hassan’s- hit-by-a-van fiasco last Hilary – would only recommend in the event of similarly distressing times. Overall lacking on every aspect while still managing to provide noteworthy stomach pains the day after. 4/10