Anneliese Dodds has maintained her seat as Labour MP for Oxford East, winning 57% of the vote.

Dodds was first elected in the 2017 general election in which she gained over 35,000 votes. Gaining 28,135 votes, this election narrows her majority.

A Labour safe seat since 1987, Dodds gained more votes than the other seven candidates standing in Oxford East.

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Turnout was down by 5.5% when compared with 2017, with 63.3% of constituents turning out to vote.

Conservative PCC, Louise Staite, gained 20.9% of the vote, whilst the Liberal Democrats’ Alistair Fernie gained 13.9%.

The Green Party’s PCC, David Williams, gained 4.8% and the Brexit Party gained 2.3%, while the three Independent candidates amassed 499 votes between them.

Despite Liberal Democrat and Labour successes in Oxford, the Conservative Party will form a government under Boris Johnson after winning a majority.

Dodds, an Oxford graduate, was an MEP for South East England from 2014 before her election as MP in 2017.