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Barr and “ONE” slate elected

Beatrice Barr has been elected to serve as Oxford Union President in Michaelmas 2020 in the first uncontested election in 8 terms. She received 522 first preference votes.

Barr’s ‘ONE’ slate saw all three other candidates elected to officer positions – making up an all-female officership. Julia Willemyns secured the office of Librarian-Elect with 526 votes, and Geneva Roy was also successful in securing the Treasurer-Elect position, receiving 548 votes. Cansu Uyguroglu will serve as Secretary in Trinity 2020, having received 535 votes.

ONE were also successful in races for Standing Committee and Secretary’s Committee. Their candidates were elected to Standing (Tamzin Lent) and Secretary (Josh Wallace) with the most first preference votes. 

5 out of 7 candidates elected to Standing Committee, were from the ONE slate – this was every candidate nominated. 

Some independent candidates were successful in their bids for committee positions. Adam Shewry was elected to Standing Committee with “Another Way”, who did not field any officers. 

The last uncontested election occurred in Michaelmas Term of 2017 – ever since, at least two slates have attempted to put out full sets of candidates.

Speaking to Cherwell, Barr and ONE said: “We are so thrilled that almost every single member of the ONE team was elected today. 

The first uncontested Officer election in two years, while not unwelcome, brought with it a unique set of challenges – I’m so grateful for everyone who turned out to vote for us today. I couldn’t be more proud of every single ONE candidate for Secretary’s Committee and Standing Committee, for working so hard for contested positions, and for the incredible team spirit that they have shown.”

“It’a a privilege to have run with the first all-female Officer slate in memory, and I look forward to being the first female Michaelmas president for nine years. I’m incredibly excited for the next two terms-worth of opportunity to transform our pledges into meaningful work!”

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