I dreamt about you last night. It was not remarkable or
extraordinary; You sent me to the local shops with a list of
groceries, And I ran along, hopscotching over the paving stones,
Eager to please you as always. Then I was at the corner of the
road On my way back, And you were getting into your car, I
remembered you’d been visiting us and now you were returning
home. You opened the door and climbed into the driver’s seat In
slow motion. My brother was playing nearby, Someone else waved
you off from the front gate. I was looking on, Spectating dreamily
Like a proud God.

When I woke, Tears bled from
my eyes quietly.

What hurts the most is the unceremoniousness of it
all; You existed there so surely, so unexceptionally
fully, That I did not think to savour your presence.

Now I am awake, And you are melting away, Back into
the abyss of my subconscious, ordinary dreams, A
world where the fabric of time has splayed at its