How would you describe your work?

I work in all kinds of media. I would say I have most experience with watercolours and gouache but I love mixed media, pencils, ink and digital art too. I’m hoping to get some more practise with both oil pastels and chalk pastels again soon. In terms of style I am definitely all over the place or, to be a bit kinder to myself, very flexible. Some pieces are more realistic looking and some more illustrative but I think it’s actually very useful to have a range of styles when working on different projects.

Why do you make art?

Aside from it being a nice way to relax or to help process whatever might be on my mind, I’ve always really loved the physicality of a final piece. I love being able to hold something and know that I made it (I am also one of those strange people who gets excited about being able to touch fancy watercolour paper). The biggest joy I get from making art though is when I give pieces away to my friends; I’ll always get carried away, making the envelopes and the wrapping paper from scratch too!

What kind of things have influenced you?

In terms of style, I’m always looking at the work of other artists on Instagram to give me inspiration on techniques, use of colour or even just what I want to paint next. I would say a big influence on the things I naturally tend to paint would be nature as I do come from the Glorious North! I particularly enjoy painting landscapes and birds in gouache and I am also obsessed with the sea. More and more though I can see classical influences peaking through my work and I’ve got some pretty exciting ideas about how I’m going to develop my mixed media series on waves and the sea based on the Odyssey and some Attic pots I’ve been looking at. 

What would you like to do with art in the future?

Actually, I’m planning on launching a little online shop soon! I hope to sell prints, some originals and other physical objects I make, like sketchbooks. In terms of jobs, I would love to end up doing something creative. I graduate next year (hopefully), if anyone wants to hire me…

Do you find it hard to find time to make art as a student?

Yes. I’m currently doing 2 essays a week and elementary Greek so I’m very busy but for me it’s important to do something creative at least once a week. Sometimes when I’m pressed for time I’ll just do some cut and stick poetry or sketch something quickly, but I do really value the process of sitting down with a cup of coffee and Netflix and just painting for a good few hours.

What advice would you give to other artists looking to do something similar to you?

Honestly just keep practising if you enjoy it. Mistakes are going to happen (something that took a little while to accept) but the skills will come! If you’re comfortable doing it, I enjoy posting my work on Instagram and getting some feedback to keep me encouraged. 

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