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Good Vibrations: Hertford and Merton raffle sex toy vouchers for charity

Hertford and Merton JCRs are raising funds for charity by organising raffles in which the prizes included £20 vouchers for Lovehoney.

At Hertford, Rory Saitch offered participants “that warm fuzzy feeling”, although this was in reference to the action of donating money to frontline workers through the purchase of £1 tickets. In the space of a week, the JCR raised £320. The sum was Gift-Aided and donated to NHS charities after two lucky participants won £20 vouchers in the draw made to the college at a virtual JCR meeting.

One uncredited message reposted by Saitch said, “who knew Hertford was so horny?” as the college promoted a different form of Sighs to the bridge with which it is usually associated.

Merton’s JCR has since followed suit. In a raffle to coincide with Welfare Week, a £20 Love Honey voucher was one of four prizes, although winners will be able to select a Cadbury’s chocolate hamper instead if the money to spend at the popular sex toy company is “not your cup of tea”.

In the caption of the online raffle, Merton JCR President Lucy Buxton wrote: “If you are looking to ~spice~ up your sex life in whatever way suits you, this is the perfect prize!” as she offered an unconventional and perhaps more literal solution to the problem of isolation “getting you down”.

Other potential prizes included a bottle of gin made with natural products from the Oxford Botanical Gardens, a specially commissioned portrait of the college, and the chance to adopt a tiger for a year with the WWF.

Tickets are also priced at £1 each. With over fifty sold on the first day alone, Mertonians will surely hope to rival the generosity of their fellow students at Hertford before the draw on Friday 5th June. Proceeds will go towards Oxfordshire Homelessness, BEAT, Oxfordshire Mind and Reducing the Risk Oxford.

Image credit to Morderska/ Wikimedia Commons.

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