Stone, unmoved
Let me talk to you
Stone, cold
Let me cross your threshold
Stone, hard
Let me see you breathe

The curtains open
And so does the heart’s treasure trove
When the morning sun beams
And the reflection in the mirror is unique –
We’re alive and beyond comparison

Stone, why do you frown so?
It’s your own insistence that you should never know
Anything other than being a stone

Stone, why, you don’t stand for anything
And you lie for nothing
Gambling with everything

Your form is familiar, stone
Far from unknown
I think I saw you in a history book
With all the blood you took
And a smile on your face
But you do love, don’t you, the human race?

When I threw you against the wall you didn’t break
When tears strolled from my cheek to yours you didn’t quake
Cold in winter, warm in summer
Not a singer nor a hummer
You sneeze when you’re well and work when you’re sick
You gaze longingly at hell and power’s a kick
Stone Stone Stone
Occupying every throne

Stone, you discuss me
Stone, you disgust me
Stones don’t fly, they’re tethered to the ground
Every time you’re looked for, nowhere to be found

But time has changed, I no longer feel the same.
You had your chance, we must take aim.
To tear open the bulging breast
And wrench free the stone from inside the chest.
To toss it into the furnace where now
It may know the heat of social love and bow
Its head in Shame.