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Anti-lockdown protest takes place in Oxford

Anti-lockdown protests took place in Oxford’s Bonn Square at 12pm today, organised by Piers Corbyn’s group Stop New Normal.

The event, called the Oxford Peaceful Political Rally, aimed to protest the extension of the Coronavirus Act and the presence of police at their events.

Signs protesters held included lines such as “This is now tyranny”, urging the government to “copy Sweden”, and “Covid-19 equals control”, leading to “Covid1984”. One sign compared current restrictions to the Nazi government.

At the event, one speaker referred to the country’s current coronavirus restrictions as “arbitrary” and “disproportionate”, continuing: “My forefathers died in the First and Second World War, so I can enjoy the very freedoms I have today. I will not give away my freedoms.”

Organised speakers included Piers Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn’s brother who has previously described coronavirus as a “hoax” and referred to climate change as “nonsense”, and Geza Tarjanyi, an anti-fracking protestor.

The event was advertised by Stop New Normal on their website. It said: “Join Piers Corbyn in a peaceful political rally protesting about the extension of the Coronavirus act and ‘Special Powers’ police attacks on peaceful protests.”

Stop New Normal describes itself on its website as: “A political movement campaigning to stop parliament renewing the Covid-19 oppressive legislation. We are fighting against the government’s Covid policies which cause illness and death – and fighting for action to cut claimed virus illness and save lives”.

Their aims include stopping social distancing, test and trace, and the obligatory wearing of masks. Additionally, the group wish to end investigations into a potential coronavirus vaccination and to “take down 5G”. There were anti-vaccination placards at the protest.

Their website also includes a plea to donate to Piers Corbyn as he appeals a £10,000 fine – given as a result of the anti-lockdown protest held at Trafalgar Square on 29th August 2020.

Image Credit: Millie Wood.

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