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Christ Church named one of world’s top 500 destinations

Article originally part of Cherwell News in the print edition.

Christ Church is now 314th among the world’s top 500 global destinations, as ranked by the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List 2. This decision can’t be too surprising to anyone familiar with its magnificent architecture, outstanding alumni, and perpetual association with both Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter series.

Whether it’s the splendid cathedral or Wren’s Tom Tower, Christ Church just keeps drawing in visitors (although not right now, obviously).

While this update to the original 2015 list comes at a slightly odd time given the continued restrictions on travel imposed by Covid-19, it provides plenty of fuel for the imagination; readers can plan their visits to such destinations as Petra in Jordan, or Cambodia’s Temples of Angkor.

For anyone in need of holiday a bit closer to home, Christ Church features among 33 other UK destinations, an increase from the original 2015 list’s 24 with locations like the Lake District, Wales Coast Path and Giant’s Causeway securing top spots.

While Covid-19 means many of these destinations are unlikely to see an increase in visitors for some time, it’s clear that Christ Church students will continue dodging tourists on their way to tutorials for a long time to come.

Image Credit: Toby Ord, Wikimedia Commons. Licence: CC-BY-SA 2.5.

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