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University College’s adopted cat passes away

Clement Cattlee, a stray cat adopted by University College, died on the morning of 11 December, while the Head Porter of the college was bringing him to the vet.

Students of University College had taken Cattlee in a few weeks ago, officially adopting him as the College cat. He was around 18 months old, and frequently visited the vet for routine jabs and microchipping. Prior to his death, the College intended to bring him for a surgery in the new year. It is suspected that Cattlee had experienced some form of trauma prior to his arrival at University College. 

Despite this, Cattlee was known to be an “affectionate” and “talkative” cat adept at seeking attention and treats from the college community, according to information published on the University College website. The College has also set up Instagram (@cattlee_the_univ_cat) and Twitter (@UnivCattlee) pages dedicated to Cattlee, where photos documenting his brief time in the college community can be found.

“It was a short but very sweet association which has touched many hearts beyond our walls. We are extremely grateful to our old members who were moved to so kindly contribute to his upkeep, to our students for having the compassion to advocate for him and not least to our vet, Eleanor Flynn who spent a great deal of her personal time on Clement’s welfare,” University College said on their website.

Prior to his time at University College, Clement Cattlee was homeless. Cats Protection, the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, is currently campaigning to “bring hope to cats left out in the cold”. You can donate to their campaign here.

Image Credit: Chaeronea.

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